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About BG

BG Products, Inc., manufactures and distributes high-quality, professional-use additives, cleaners, specialty lubricants, and precision tools and equipment used to service vehicles in countries around the world.

BG has a strong track record of innovation. New auto designs, environmental regulations and other industry hurdles provide our problem-solving teams with unique challenges. The solutions we design always meet or exceed standards, setting the standard of excellence. 

About Siegel Distributing

Established by Leroy Siegel in 1972 in Breinigsville, PA, Siegel Distributing embarked on its journey with a vision to revolutionize the automotive maintenance industry.


Recognizing the innovative potential of BG Products, Leroy Siegel aligned his new venture with BG's mission to deliver superior, high-quality automotive maintenance solutions. From the outset, Siegel Distributing committed to excellence and customer satisfaction, principles that Leroy believed would set the foundation for a lasting business.


The company has grown into a leading BG Distributor, known for its dedication to providing top-notch service and cutting-edge products.

Our Service Area

Headquartered in Northeast PA near Allentown, we provide exceptional service for New Jersey, Delaware, Long Island, the 5 Boroughs of NYC, and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Siegel Distributing service area
Image by Etienne Martin

Not sure if you're in our area?

We Are BG

Your Siegel Distributing Team


Dennis Siegel-1976.jpg

Dennis Siegel

Since 1976

Dean Siegel-1980.jpg

Dean Siegel

Since 1980

Bob Zwoyer-2003.jpg

Robert Zwoyer

Since 2003

Jeff Newhard-1992.jpg

Since 1993

Sales Team Leads

Joe Damweber-2000.jpg

Joe Damweber

Since 2000

Larry Gellak-2009.jpg

Larry Gellak

Since 2001

Mike Bennett-2004.jpg

Mike Bennett

Since 2005

Tim Tobin-2007.jpg

Since 2007

Field Training Specialists

These trainers have decades of real-world experience working in the industry as service advisors, technicians, and service managers. They work closely with local BG reps to provide practical and useful in-person training at your location.

Brad Satow-1996.jpg

Brad Satow

Since 1996

Anthony Valentino-2021.jpg

Anthony Valentino

Since 2021

Rob Lopez-2023.jpg

Rob Lopez

Since 2023

Jorge Tello-2017.jpg

Since 2017

Service Technicians

Erick Alvardo

Since 2023

Alex Grajales

Since 2014

Dale Mazza

Since 2019

Kyle Bosingore

Since 2023

Alan Haggerty

Since 2007

Peter O'Connell

Since 2020

Jeff Bricker

Since 2013

Ben Kibler

Since 2006

Vlad Oriol

Since 2023

Tyler Campbell

Since 2021

Kevin Kinderman

Since 2020

Naul Walter

Since 2008

David Diianni

Since 1999

Bruce Lowman

Since 2005

Rick White

Since 2019

Office & Warehouse Staff

Monica Amaya

Since 2019

Leroy Bogert

Since 2002

Mary Christman

Since 2023

John Gellak

Since 2008

Anthony Markovic

Since 2021

Cale Hottenstein

Since 2003

John Meckes

Since 1992

Kenneth Peters

Since 2008

Jeremy Powlus

Since 2002

Siegel aerial photo with text on road-resized.jpg
Car Key

Get Started.

Begin your BG Products journey with Siegel Distributing today. 

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