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Exceptional Products & Services

Chosen by service professionals by a margin of almost 4 to 1, BG is widely recognized as the leader in providing products that keep vehicles running smoothly and efficiently.

BG Products

Siegel – One of BG’s Largest Distributors

We've been in business since 1972 with a 40+ staff capacitywe're big enough to meet all of your Customer Pay Maintenance needs, all with a personal, next-door experience.


We provide our customers with the most efficient and user-friendly equipment in the industry.

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Siegel's territory
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Our Focus: Customer Service

Your service team is specialized to handle every area of your experience, from service advisor training, technician training, profit reports, management and more.

With a focus on relationships, Siegel Distributing provides products and services that lead to a partnership with our customers.

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Siegel Distributing

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Breinigsville, PA 18031

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The Siegel Distributing Difference

Worker using BG's products in car's engine


Knowledgeable and well-trained service consultants are the heartbeat of the BG maintenance program in your dealerships.


Siegel Distributing Company provides service advisor training by one of our full-time trainers at no charge.


Managers receive the tools needed to analyze and monitor service advisors for missed opportunities and performance improvement to dramatically increase profitability.

Customer Retention

Studies show that many customers never return for service after their car is out of warranty. The BG Lifetime Protection Plan and the Siegel 1-2-3 Plus Program keep your customers coming back to your service department long after the warranty period has expired. 

Learn more about BG Customer Retention programs here.

BG Lifetime Protection Plan

Car dashboard

This service reminder notifies your customers that their BG protection or roadside assistance is about to expire.

Maintaining this Protection assures lifetime protection on Transmission, Coolant, Drive Line, Power Steering, Brake System, Fuel System, Gas & Diesel engines. 

Siegel 1-2-3 Plus

Car Keys

Siegel is proud to offer an additional layer of service & assurance for our customers.  Our custom protection program provides:
1 - Roadside Assistance
2 - Rental Car Coverage for Breakdowns
3 - Road Hazard Tire Protection

Warranty Program

Designed to eliminate costly customer complaints, Siegel offers a variety of warranty claims services that we handle directly and require very little paperwork.  All warranties can be customized to meet your needs

Services warrantied by Siegel Distributing:

  • Headlight Restoration Service

  • No-Squeal Brake Service

  • Custom Used Car Service

  • Battery Terminal Cleaning Service

Car Brake
Crowded Parking Lot
Battery Screen

Parts & Service Warranty Lift

Maximize your warranty reimbursement with BG Warranty Analysis Service. Get the best labor and parts markup. We handle the entire process through submission.


Our team has experience across every OEM and every state.

BG Tools & Equipment

Tools & Equipment

Loaner tools and equipment are provided at no cost to your dealership.

Your relationship with Siegel comes with all the tools and equipment you need to work. We train your technicians and staff on proper and safe use, and guarantee any necessary repairs or replacement within 24 hours.


These tools are loaned to you for the lifetime of our working partnership.

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Sales Tools

We feature all of BG’s innovative and integrated sales tools to provide you with perfect ways to introduce our products and services to your customers.

Explore them on BG's corporate site here.

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Profit Reporting

Siegel’s proprietary monthly profit reporting system will help you easily and efficiently track your progress and keep you informed of profits earned through the BG Maintenance Program. 

This in-depth and comprehensive data will give you a strong advantage to help improve your overall business success.

Contact Us to Learn More

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Marketing & Graphics support

Service Menus & Marketing Support

Our in-house graphic design department can work with you to create effective service menus and marketing materials customized for your dealership.

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OEM Recommended
by General Motors / ACDelco

BG Products are so trusted and effective that General Motors forged a partnership to sell them as OEM grade directly to their dealerships. 

Many GMC, Chevrolet, and Buick dealerships are now using BG Products in their shops, and participating GM dealers will also be eligible for the BG Lifetime Protection Plan on certain products.

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Car Key

Get Started.

Begin your BG Products journey with Siegel Distributing today. 

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